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Version 1.0 has been released

By Brad Baker
Thursday, March 11, 2004

EchoPoint v1.0 has been released. It is now available for download from SourceForge and in CVS.

This version of the library requires :

All of these libraries are distributed with EchoPoint.

v1.0 Changes to this release include:

  • Created a PagedTableModel interface that extends TableModel and allows one page of the data to be retrieved at a time.
  • Created a DefaultPagedTableModel and a SortablePagedTableModel implementation class that wraps an exisitng TableModel.  The latter is derived from SortableTableModel and hence can be sorted.
  • Created a new BoxSection component that allows a titled area and a content area.  Made ExpandableSection derive from BoxSection component to allow re-used of most of its properties.
  • Created a JspComponentPeer class that allows you to use JSP pages as the content of Echo component peers.  Now rather than writing nextapp.echoservlet.Element statements, you can now use a JSP to provide the HTML markup.
  • Added an EchoPointIcons class that allows acess to 20x20 and 32x32 icons.  These are based on tweaked versions of the javalobby.org icons from SourceForge.
  • Created a JavaScriptInclude component that allows arbitary JavaScript to be include on the client browser.
  • Added a BackgroundImage property to TitleBar.
  • Added many methods to EchoPointComponentPeer to make it a better based class for derived component peers.
  • Changed TabbedPane so it now changes the model regardless of  whether the current selection is still the same one.  This allows a SingleSelectionModel to be developed that does something when the user clicks on the current tab, even though no model change occurs.
  • Fixed a bug in the HtmlTemplatePanel code where "extra" spaces where being erroneously chopped off and hence the template rendered incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug in Scrollable support that caused the CSS attribute overflow:hidden to be used when in fact it should have been overflow:visible.  This became in issue in later versions of Mozilla that more strictly intepreted these CSS values.  Added a new SCROLLBARS_CLIPHIDE value that now equates to overflow:hidden.
  • Fixed the code so it will not compile under JDK 1.3.  Some JDK 1.4 features had crept in without being noticed.


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