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ExitButton   Click here for complete JavaDoc

The ExitButton component is really a simple helper component for suspending or exiting an Echo web application. 

This Button derived class will cause the application to exit itself, or suspend itself depending on the setExitMode() property, when pressed.  This saves you some messy looking coding, where you need obtain ServletContext objects and then call some of the more obscure Echo API methods.  The ExitButton component does all the leg work for you.

The ExitButton component can take as a parameter the URI to which you want to exit the application to.  This allows an Echo web application to seamlessly link to other web content.

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 ExitButton exitBtn = new ExitButton(uri,"Press Me To Exit Application");

ExitButton suspendBtn = new ExitButton(uri,"Press Me To Suspend Application");

Client Browser Support :

All clients supported by the Echo Framework.


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