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HidingSlidingPanel   Click here for complete JavaDoc

The HidingSlidingPanel component provides a dynamic client side panel that will hide and show itself as the user clicks on it.  It is useful for creating quick access menus or aloowing the user to remove other components from view at their discretion. 

The HidingSlidingPanel component can be aligned to the top, left, bottom or right of screen.  It can also be set as initially showing or hidden.  A small visual icon "clue" is shown to the user, to indicate that the HidingSlidingPanel component can be toggled. The default one is pictured below, althoguh you can replace it with your own images.

The pace at which the panel "expands" visually can also be tweaked.  The HidingSlidingPanel component is smart enough to keep track of what state it has on the client side (expanded or hidden) and this is reflected whenever the component is rendered.











HidingSlidingPanel panelLeft = new HidingSlidingPanel(EchoConstants.LEFT);

Client Browser Support :

All clients supported by the Echo Framework.


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