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HtmlTemplatePanel   Click here for complete JavaDoc

The HtmlTemplatePanel is one of the more interesting and powerful components provided by EchoPoint.  It allows you to use HTML as a template into which you can place Components.  It is fully discuss in the article Using The HtmlTemplatePanel Component.








java.net.URL urlTemplate = getResource(templateFile);

template = new HtmlTemplatePanel();


template.add(new TextField(), "textfield1");

template.add(new DatePicker(), "datepicker1");

template.add(moreInfo, "moreInfo");

ButtonGroup group = new ButtonGroup();

for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {

RadioButton b = new RadioButton("Radio " + (i + 1));


template.add(b, "radioButton=" + i);


template.add(new SelectField(), "select1");

template.add(new ListBox(), "list1");


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