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ScrollablePanel   Click here for complete JavaDoc

The ScrollablePanel component provides a panel that can have a fixed width and/or height and can be positioned anywhere on the client screen regardless of the current flow of components.  If the content of the panel is too large to fit within the fixed dimensions, scroll bars can be shown to allow the user to scroll within the ScrollablePanel component .

Normally the client browser provides scroll bars around the whole Window.  This ScrollablePanel component allows you to have extra sets of scrollbars wherever you require them.

This component uses DHTML features that are only available on later browsers such as Internet Explorer 5.5 and the Mozilla 1.0 derivative browsers.  You should be careful when using this component that your target client browser can handle it.  Having said that, recent stats show that over 85% of all end users have access to these later client browsers.

If you dont set any of the ScrollablePanel component's positioning properties, then the component will act just like a normal Panel component, and no scroll bars will be shown.

If you set the scroll bar policy to SCROLLBAR_NONE then scroll bars will never be shown even if the content of the panel exceeds it dimensions. 

If you set the scroll bar policy to SCROLLBAR_AUTO , then the scroll bars will only be shown if they are needed. 

If you set the scroll bar policy to SCROLLBAR_ALWAYS, then the scroll bars are always shown, regardless of whether they are needed or not.





 panel = new ScrollablePanel();

Client Browser Support :

All clients supported by the Echo Framework that support the DHTML width, height and overflow properties.


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