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Timer   Click here for complete JavaDoc

The Timer component is an invisible component that will cause an ActionEvent to be raised when the timer pops.  When you create a Timer object, make sure you call the start() method to begin the countdown. 

The Timer object will continue to send events until you call stop() or it goes out of scope.  The Timer resolution is in seconds.  It is not in any way a fine grain timer.  But it is useful for making the client update itself without the user having to interact with any components. 

For example a stock ticker application may use a Timer to updates its display of the lastest prices after 30 seconds

While the Timer object does not provide any user interface, you must still add it to a parent component within the Echo component hierarchy, in order for the timer to pop and generate events.

The Timer component is a non-visual  one.




Timer timer = new Timer(7000,this);

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All clients supported by the Echo Framework.


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