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WizardPane   Click here for complete JavaDoc

The WizardPane component provides a framework for creating step through wizards. 

Each component within the WizardPane is presented one at a time in the specified order.  Each has a title, footer and the content to be shown.

You can register a WizardNavigationListener with the WizardPane and it will be informed when the user is about to move off the current component.  The application is then able to decide whether this is allowed, and if not it can throw a WizardNaviationVetoException to stop further navigation. 

This is useful for validation of a component before moving on to the next one.

You can also decide to skip a pane within the wizard by setting the selected index from within WizardNavigationListener code.





WizardPane wp = new WizardPane();
int i = -1;
wp.add("Pane " + ++i, createWizardContent(i));
wp.add("Pane " + ++i, createWizardContent(i));

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